Choose from three print categories:

Metal Prints

Metal Prints produce an image unsurpassed in clarity and richness, that is also highly durable and fade resistant. They’re best suited for images with finely focused details and rich subtleties of tone and/or color. Metal prints are border-less, so images seem to float on the wall.

Metal Prints come with a mid-gloss surface, which enhances clarity and saturation without excessive sheen. The framing hardware creates stability (exhibit mount) and is invisible to the viewer. These gorgeous prints are ready to hang on the wall and don't need a frame.

The process of printing on metal is proprietary and can only be produced by professional labs licensed to perform this extremely elaborate printing method.

For more information about metal prints, click here.

Giclee Canvas Prints

Giclee Canvas Prints are highly suitable for images where a little softening and a slightly toned-down saturation of color is desired. Giclee Canvas Prints utilize archival-pigmented inks, include a lustre finish, and are stretched on 1 ½” deep canvas.

Finish the sides of a Giclee Canvas Print in two different ways by choosing either:

  • Image Wrap uses the photographic image along the sides of the stretcher bars.
  • Solid Wrap is a solid complementary color, along the sides of the stretcher bars, hand selected by the studio to match the image.

The surface of the archival print is coated with a U.V. filtering laminate to protect the image from fading and contaminants, eliminating the need for glass. Giclee Canvas Prints are unframed and ready to hang, or you can choose to purchase a frame from your frame shop.

For more information about Giclee Canvas Prints, click here.

Unframed Prints

Choose from three different paper choices for Unframed Prints:

  • Traditional Photographic Paper is Kodak’s Endura Lustre paper, which is rated at 100 years when processed professionally.
  • Metallic Paper (Kodak) has a glossy surface and produces a look quite similar to a metal print.
  • Archival Giclee Prints prized by collectors and traditionalists, can be printed on one of two fine art papers:
    • Lustre looks like conventional photographic paper.
    • Rag is much thicker with a softer surface suitable for less saturated images, and is especially suited for Black & White images.

NOTE: Dimensions for Unframed Prints refer to the actual size of the image. The paper size will be 2-3 inches larger than the image size (both width and height) to facilitate proper matting and framing. Unframed Prints can be taken to the frame shop of your choice.

All prints are ground shipped and will arrive 7 to 10 days after your order is placed.